The Re-Roofing Specialists

At James Bros Roofing Contractors we take pride in our extensive knowledge of various roof coverings including Slate, Large Concrete Tile and smaller Plain / 10 x 6 Tile, we have over 20 years experience in the installation of all types of roof coverings.


We believe natural Welsh Slate to make for one of the best roof coverings known to man.  Through our colleagues in the demolition business we are able to source excellent best quality second hand Welsh Slate to make up the shortfalls required on any of our re-slating projects.  We also install Brazilian, Chinese, Stone & Westmoreland slate.


Modern day larger concrete tiles such as the Sandtoft Calderdale shown above were introduced as a more economical alternative to the clay 10 x 6 tile, with only ten tiles per square metre as opposed to 60 per square metre for the concrete / clay plain tile.  This type of tile is extremely popular on many domestic and commercial properties and works well for customers working to a budget.


As Master Slaters & Tilers, in our opinion you cannot match the appearance of a traditional 10 x 6 plain tiled roof.  These tiles are available in clay or the more economical concrete version.

Whatever your roof covering if you need it replacing call James Bros Roofing Contractors on 0161 207 0107 or email us at for a professional service.

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