Roof Reports & Surveys

It is becoming increasingly popular for most mortgage lenders to insist that potential borrowers instruct an established experienced roofing contractor to inspect the roof of a property they are considering buying.

James Bros Roofing Contractors will carry out an independent Roof Survey / Inspection on any property situated in Greater Manchester or Cheshire prior to purchase, the details of this Survey / Inspection will be presented in the form of a professional Roof Report to a standard / format required by a Mortgage Company / Lender etc.

The Survey / Inspection will cover the following areas:

Items listed in a Homebuyers Survey in relation to the roof such as the condition of the Tile / Slate covering, Chimneys, Fascia Boards, Gutters and Roof Windows.

Our prices for such a survey start at £195 inclusive of applicable Vat, prices are subject to amount of content / size of property and the distance we have to travel to the property, if we need to collect and return keys to the estate agent additional costs will be incurred.  £195 does not include aerial photographs or video footage.  If you wish to use this service additional costs will be incurred subject to your individual requirements.

If you make the purchase and instruct James Bros to carry out any necessary roofing work etc we will upon final invoice deduct the total cost of the initial survey fee as long as works are carried out within a 3 month period.

James Bros will always attempt a quick turnaround of such reports usually 3-5 days.

If you require any further information please contact us on 0161 207 0107 or email us at

Aerial Photography & Video Footage

James Bros have recently made a significant investment into drone technology.  We are able to fly our camera drone safely over your property and easily take video footage & photographs of your roof inclusive of areas that would have previously been inaccessible without the use of expensive scaffolding. This latest technology therefore assists us in the following areas:

  • Pre-purchase surveys.  We can show you the condition of the roof of any building you may wish to purchase without access restrictions or the need to use ladders.  This footage can also be shown to the vendor therefore assisting you in your negotiations.
  • The video footage can easily highlight problem / leaking areas on your existing roof, such as areas that would previously have required access towers erecting whilst we surveyed.
  • We can show our customers a birds eye view of completed works, thus ensuring peace of mind that areas out of sight have been completed correctly.
  • This equipment enables us to prepare more accurate costs when pricing re-roofing work.
  • Most of all, this equipment eliminates the risk of falling from height whilst surveying, deeming ladders a thing of the past.
  • All footage is streamed live from the camera drone to our ground based monitor and viewed by our operative.
  • This camera drone makes for an excellent aerial inspection tool and can easily assist you if you need to make an insurance claim, video footage can be sent to your insurer in minutes ensuring a quick pay out from your insurer.

Our drone is available to hire with a competent operative for all manner of surveying work – all requests considered.  Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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